L’Alpakiade is the result of our love for a magical land nested in the heights of Wakefield and our desire to contribute to building the world of tomorrow.


Our vision is that of an ecological farm, self-abundant and resilient. The goal of L’Alpakiade is to join and grow the local circular economy network with the intention to rally the Outaouais community around its main ambition: to create activities and systems that take care of people while regenerating the environment.


Guided by permaculture principles, also called “ecological design”, we observe and draw inspiration from natural ecosystems in designing all systems at the farm (water management, animal husbandry, predator management, biodiversity promotion, etc.)


L’Alpakiade is also a teaching base camp for P3 Permaculture in the Outaouais region. Through the different courses and workshops organised by P3 Permaculture, we’ll be happy to share the values that we hold dear and the strategies that we adopt at the farm.

Permaculture courses, workshops and Guided Tours are the only occasions the farm is open to the public for now. Make sure to follow us on social media to not miss a chance to visit us!


The farm activities are currently focused on alpaca fiber production and breeding. However, other projects including milkweed valorisation and the creation of a food forest are in development. We’ll tell you more about it very soon! Stay tuned!

Mattesco family Copyright Helene Anne Fo


We are the Mattesco family. Two parents (Jean-Michel & Carole) + two kids/young adults (Jean-Baptiste & Clémentine). How do we define ourselves/Who are we?/ What makes us special or different/Why start L’Alpakiade? We share a deep love of animals, nature and people, we always have new ideas and we are incapable of not undertaking new projects. Newly Canadian, l’Alpakiade’s land is where we planted our roots. We swapped our olive grove in the South of France for this beautiful project in the heart of the Outaouais hills. Our projects are numerous and diversified but we believe that with the support of our community everything is achievable.