Pair of insoles

Pair of insoles


-Taxes included in price-

Alpaca felt ( fleece mix of all our alpacas)


These insoles will keep your feet warm all winter long! Cut them to the size of your shoes with the help of our template, put them in your shoes and presto, go!


To choose the right size:

  • Small size : Woman size smaller or equal to 11 & man size smaller or equal to 10.
  • Large size : Woman size larger or equal to 12 & man size larger or equal to 11.


However, if your shoes have a wide insole (eg snow boots), it may be better to plan a little larger than your usual size.


    All the products we sell are made from the wool of our alpacas. Take a look at the product description to see which of our alpacas made it possible. Some wools contain merino, others silk or hemp, but no synthetic fiber. The additions of other natural fibers allow us to obtain colors or properties adapted to each type of product.