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Come and discover our permaculture farm!

Are you keen to visit the farm ?! We made you wait, but now we're ready to show you around the farm and explain you everything we are doing! The farm is not yet open for the public to come and visit at any time, however, we sincerely want to share with you what we are doing at L'Alpakiade and let you enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the land. For that reason, we'll be hosting guided tours on weekends this spring.

And when we say "guided" tours, we mean it. During those tours, we'll make sure that you understand everything that we have implemented and do at the farm. This will include in depth explanations about :

  • Our Food Forest

  • Our Aquaculture system

  • Our 1 km Swale and Pond Water management system (flood, drought and erosion prevention)

  • Our composting system

You will also get to meet our alpacas and learn about our milkweed fiber project.

Some guided tours will be hosted in French and others in English. Make sure to select your tour dates based on the language that you are the most comfortable with.

Cost : TBA

*IMPORTANT* : All children aged under 12 should be accompanied by an adult during the tour.